This project is dedicated to my deep desire to create something everyday.
At the end of a crazy year I had the idea to conceptualize a routine that would challenge my creativity and test my discipline. The idea was that I would create a digital Still Life and a Beat over the duration of the last month of 2020. In times of a global pandemic where free expression is limited to a restricted space it is hard to find meaning in the daily life.
I wanted to overcome the self doubt and overthinking of the current situation by sticking to a concept that would allow me to push forward and distill my feelings into something productive. The name of the project „Still Life Samples“ or short „SLS“ is an indirect reference to my perception of the life inside a lockdown. It feels like our accelerated world came to a rest and allows us to look at our lives from different perspectives.
I chose the medium of 3D Still Lifes because I wanted to sculpt the feelings of the particular day into something that would allow the beholder to discover different aspects about it. Due to my growing interest in Hip Hop I wanted to produce very simple and repetitive beats that would also reflect my daily mood and enrich the immersive experience.
Now, where I can reflect on this body of work, I learned a lot about my feelings and how to express them in various ways. At somedays I struggled a lot to keep up the routine and thought nothing good would come out of it. In the aftermath I always could discover something precious and was very grateful that I managed to overcome myself.